Sorbus Discolor

Sorbus Discolor Rowan mountain Ash Berries

Rowan - Mountain Ash

This is a small tree with strong ascending branches and an open crown. No central trunk is formed during growth, making the crown ovoid.  The leaf edge is serrated except at the foot where it is smooth. Sorbus discolor has deep green leaves that tinge bluish-green on the underside, and during  autumn the leaves change to an intense red. 

The Rowan or mountain-ashes are shrubs or trees in the genus Sorbus of the rose family, Rosaceae. They are native throughout the cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with the highest species diversity in the Himalaya, southern Tibet and parts of western China, where numerous apomictic microspecies occur. The name rowan was originally applied to the species Sorbus aucuparia and is also used for other species in Sorbus subgenus Sorbus
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