Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin potted hedging plants

Red Tip Photinia

Photinia × fraseri, known as red tip photinia and Christmas berry, is a nothospecies in the rose family, Rosaceae. It is a hybrid between Photinia glabra and Photinia serratifolia.
It is a compact shrub with an erect habit. Its evergreen, oval leaves are dark green in colour that are crimson red when young, especially in early spring. Its flowers are small, with five petals, united in large white inflorescences. They bloom at the end of spring. It can reach a height of 5 meters and a diameter of 5 meters. It is frost resistant and can withstand temperatures from -5° to -10°

The shrub tolerates moderate shade and it grows in well drained soils. It should be sheltered from the cold and dry winds of winter. It can be propagated by semi-woody cuttings in summer.

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