Hedging Supplies at Dempsey Nurseries, Durrow, Co. Laois

Wholesale Hedging Supplies

At Dempsey Nurseries, Durrow, Co. Laois, we provide the wholesale supply of both deciduous and evergreen varieties of Bare Root Hedging, Rootball Hedging and Potted Hedging.
Should you wish to avail of our wholesale hedging, please just get in touch, and we will gladly discuss your requirements.

Bare Root Hedging
Bare Root Hedging
Rootball Hedging
Rootball Hedging
Potted Hedging
Potted Hedging

Wholesale Bare Root Hedging

The term “bare root” is one you will come across when purchasing hedging and trees. These types of hedging and trees have their roots exposed, unlike those that are stored in pots. They are very popular among Irish gardens and add to the natural beauty of a garden. One of the biggest advantages when planting bare root hedges and trees is that they are environmentally friendly, as there is no requirement for plastic containers and less water is required for their production. As a result they are cheaper to buy, and much easier to handle.

See our Bare Root Hedging options.

Wholesale Rootball Hedging

Our rootball hedging is field grown over a number of years, with adequate spacing.When required, the plants are lifted from the ground, with a ball of soil, containing the immediate root system.
This rootball is then wrapped in a biodegradable material such as hessian, and this can remain in place when replanting.
The advantages of the rootball plants, are that it has already been growing in the ground, as opposed to a pot, and therefore has a much stronger root system, and much larger plants can be provided with this method.

See our Rootball Hedging options.

Wholesale Potted Hedging

Potted hedging are plants that have been grown in containers. The advantage of using the potted variety is that they can be planted all year round, once the condition of the soil and weather conditions are suitable. 
If conditions are not suitable for planting, another benefit of the potted plant, is that it is easier to hold over, than a bare root or rootball plant.

See our Potted Hedging options.

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