Grisselinia Littoralis

Grisselinia Littoralis

New Zealand Broadleaf

Griselinia littoralis is a hardy evergreen shrub that grows up to about 10 metres tall. Griselinia littoralis is round in shape and has dense foliage. The leaves are alternate, leathery, glossy yellow-green above, paler and matte below, 6–14 cm (2–6 in) long, oval with a smooth margin. This tree also has flowers and berries that grow in particular seasons annually.

In general, this tree can grow up to 10 m or longer to 15 m tall. It has rough and short branches which can stretch to 150 cm in diameter. The shape of apical leaf is broad-ovate to ovate-oblong or rounded with smooth margin. The yellow-green leaf is thick and its width can be 5–12 cm long by 4–5 cm wide, the leaf often be glossy and grow as alternative type, one side can be a little longer than the other side at base sometimes, this is one of the typical characters.

The greenish flowers are borne on the slim twigs and they are quite small, they always grow up from late spring to mid-summer. The panicles of flower is small, too. Five petals are owned by the pistillate flowers. The dark purple or black berries can be 6-7 mm long and appearing in mid-summer and ripening from autumn to winter and the berries are small, too.

Griselina littoralis bark was traditionally used by Maori as medicine to treat skin infections before modern medicine became available. The name littoralis of this broadleaf species means “growing by the sea”.  Griselinia littoralis is commonly used as a hedge or screen as it is a hardy shrub that can be clipped back easily and looks good all year round with minimal maintenance. This plant is a good coastal hedge resisting winds, especially in harsh coastal environment.

Info: Wikipedia | Creative Commons
Image: User MPF, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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