Tilia Platyphyllus

Tilia Platyphyllus

Large Leaved Lime Tilia platyphyllos, the large-leaved lime or large-leaved linden, is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae (Tiliaceae). It is a deciduous tree, native to much of Europe, including locally in southwestern Great Britain, growing on lime-rich soils. The common names largeleaf linden[1] and large-leaved linden […]

Tilia Rubra

Tilia 'Rubra'

Red Twigged Lime Considered a majestic tree the Tilia Rubra features highly unusual semi-erect red branches that boast heart-shaped mid-green leaves, which pale to yellow during autumn. It also produces pendulous clusters of fragrant yellow-green flowers. The tree is broadly columnar in shape, eventually becoming  tall and robust. Ensure ample space is given […]

Tilia Cordata

Small Leaved Lime Tilia cordata (small-leaved lime, occasionally little-leaf or littleleaf linden or small-leaved linden or traditionally in English, pry) is a species of Tilia native to much of Europe. It is found from Britain through mainland Europe to the Caucasus and western Asia. In the south of its range […]

Sorbus Magnifica

Sorbus aria Magnifica Whitebeam

Whitebeam Majestica Sorbus aria Magnifica is a strong growing whitebeam tree with large, dark green leaves and clusters of cream coloured flowers, which precede red berries.This long life tree is perfect for avenue planting or gardens, due to its sturdy and resilient nature. It is also the perfect tree for […]

Sorbus Intermedia

Sorbus Intermedia

Swedish Whitebeam Sorbus intermedia, the Swedish whitebeam, is a species of whitebeam found in southern Sweden, with scattered occurrences in easternmost Denmark (Bornholm), the far southwest of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and northern Poland.It is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 10–20 m tall with a stout trunk usually up to […]

Sorbus Discolor

Sorbus Discolor Rowan mountain Ash Berries

Rowan – Mountain Ash This is a small tree with strong ascending branches and an open crown. No central trunk is formed during growth, making the crown ovoid.  The leaf edge is serrated except at the foot where it is smooth. Sorbus discolor has deep green leaves that tinge bluish-green on the […]

Sorbus Aucuparia

Sorbus Aucuparia

Rowan Tree Sorbus aucuparia, commonly called rowan and mountain-ash, is a species of deciduous tree or shrub in the rose family. It is a highly variable species, and botanists have used different definitions of the species to include or exclude trees native to certain areas; a recent definition includes trees native […]

Sorbus Aria Lutescens

Sorbus Aria Lutescens

Whitebeam The whitebeams are members of the family Rosaceae, comprising subgenus Aria (or, according to some authorities, its own genus) of genus Sorbus, and hybrids involving species of this subgenus and members of subgenera Sorbus, Torminaria and Chamaemespilus. They are deciduous trees with simple or lobed leaves, arranged alternately. They […]

Sorbus Aria

Sorbus Aria Whitebeam Tree in field

Whitebeam Sorbus aria (syn. Aria nivea), the whitebeam or common whitebeam, is a European and Near-Eastern deciduous tree, the type species of the subgenus of the whitebeams. Typically compact and domed, with few upswept branches and almost-white underside of the leaves, it generally favours dry limestone and chalk soils. The hermaphrodite […]

Salix Chrysocoma

Salix Chrysocoma Weeping Golden Willow overhanging water

Golden Weeping Willow Salix Chrysocoma, or Weeping Golden Willow, is the most popular and widely grown weeping tree in the warm temperate regions of the world. It is an artificial hybrid between S. alba ‘Vitellina’ and S. babylonica. The first parent provides the frost hardiness and the golden shoots and the […]