Prunus Shirotae

Prunus Shirotae white flower

White Cherry Tree Prunus ‘Shirotae’, also known as white cherry or Mount Fuji Cherry, is a small tree, which grows to approximately 6 metres. Yet it is a strong growing variety, and when young grows with a gentle weeping form, which develops to more horizontal form, as the tree grows older. Common Name: […]

Amelanchier Canadensis

Amelanchier canadensis (bilberry, Canadian serviceberry, chuckle-berry, currant-tree,  juneberry, shad-blow serviceberry, shad-blow, shadbush, shadbush serviceberry, sugarplum, thicket serviceberry) is a species of Amelanchier native to eastern North America in Canada from Newfoundland west to southern Ontario, and in the United States from Maine south to Alabama. It is largely restricted to wet […]